You’re probably wondering why you need to buy a chainsaw in the first place. Well, your average householder surely does not require one – but what about the people who need to use a chainsaw as part of their work, day in and day out. They keep wondering all the time about the efficiency quotient of the machine that they use and of course, are worried about their own safety as well. This is primarily what one thinks about while using heavy-duty machinery or equipment like chainsaws. Apart from the efficiency and safety angle that you have to think about, you also need to know how to maintain this equipment. You need to know what to watch out for when you use this so that you know exactly what to do if things go wrong. For instance, there could be a bit of a creak when you first start-up the chainsaw – keep a close watch on that; since this could be the beginning of one of the parts actually wearing out.

So, let’s first take a look at the various factors that could influence your choice, while buying the best electric chainsaw that is available in the market today. To make this decision, you need to know the areas of work where a chainsaw is actually used. These are machines that are used by people involved in felling trees, pruning or even in rescue operations. The last use is something that many people don’t usually think about. If the chainsaw is of really good quality and durability, you can use it to cut through metal or wood when there is a fire or a flood or any other kind of calamity where people are trapped in a confined space. It is also used to cut firebreaks when there is a wildfire that has erupted in a particular area.

You could also think of using a chainsaw in a very different sort of a scenario – where you need to do ice sculpture! Can you even imagine using this kind of a machine for something that is so delicate and beautiful? There are ice sculptors who use a chainsaw that has precision applications. They use this to ensure that huge blocks of ice are broken into manageable pieces, after which other precision equipment is used to do some finer work. Most likely though, you are here because you are looking to buy a new chainsaw or upgrade your existing one. So, let’s get started!

Best Electric Chainsaws

For this review, we tested 25 different chainsaws to find the best ones for you! We are confident that you will like at least one of these options.

ProductBar and ChainWeightRatingPrice
Makita UC4051A16 inch15.7lb10Check Price
Greenworks 16-Inch 40V16 inch6.9 lb9Check Price
Oregon CS150018 inch12.6 lb8.5Check Price
BLACK+DECKER LCS124012 inch10.4 lb9Check Price
DEWALT DCCS670X116 inch12.2 lb10Check Price

Makita UC4051A

Makita UC4051A

The Makita UC4051A sixteen-inch electric chainsaw is probably one of the few machines in the market that come with a special feature. You don’t need any kind of tools to make the blade and chain adjustments on this machine. All you need to know is how to operate it and you will find that there are adjustments that can be made in a ‘tool-less’ way. This is one of the best chainsaws that you are going to find, please read on to find out more about this awesome product and why we love it so much.

The rubberized grip handles ensure that your hands don’t slip when you are using the machine. As any good sawyer would know, it is this kind of slipping that can cause the maximum amount of damage while you are at work. Only a good grip on the handle can ensure that your hands and upper limbs are safe.

Another great feature of this chainsaw is the built-in limiter on current. This is to ensure that there is no burnout; this is done by reducing the power to the motor when it is overloaded. So you don’t have to worry that there will be an overheating of the machine; because, as we all know, when there is a great amount of friction in the cutting process, heat is a natural result. All this can cause grievous harm to the sawyer as well as the persons around him/her.

Having a large container or reservoir for oil is yet another feature that makes this Makita product a well sought-after machine with sawyers. Apart from this large reservoir, there is also a clear-view window that is able to show you the levels of oil that are available. Now, you might wonder why it is so important to have these oil-viewers. Just think about it: if you do not know the amount of oil that is available, you are likely to keep running the machine till it gets so heated up, that it starts to malfunction. This can be extremely dangerous!

Overall, there are quite a few other players in the market who have similar products – but not a lot of them can match the quality of this chainsaw.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Built-in current limiter
  • Large oil reservoir with viewing-window, which allows you to check oil level

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V

Working with a chainsaw has never been easier – provided you have the right brand in your hand. The Greenworks cordless chainsaw is the answer to all the problems that you have had in the recent past, dealing with the different kinds of equipment in this particular industry. You need to make a note that you can get a 40V 16: battery, which is included in the cost when you buy a Greenworks product. Please go through the various features that have been listed here to understand all that you can do with this fantastic chainsaw.

The first feature that will impress you is the Greenworks Brushless motor – with this, the chainsaw can run for a longer time and has more torque and power. Now, how does this really help you? This is a question you need to ask yourself when you are deciding to buy a chainsaw. Well, the answer is quite simple, when you have a machine that is running for a longer period of time and one that actually does not get heated up on its own, you can be sure that the wear and tear on the machine is reduced. This means that this chainsaw will work for years!

You need to understand the benefits of a brushless motor to really enjoy using a chainsaw. When you have this particular kind of motor, the amount of vibration generated is brought down by at least 70%. This is also because the whole thing is battery operated. The impact of the low vibration also reduces the kickback that is felt while holding the chainsaw. Since it has an electronic chain brake, there are no accidental kickbacks. You will also be happy to know that this particular machine has a saw pitch of 0.375 inches.

The next point that will make you excited about buying this product is that you have a wide range of tools to choose from as add-ons. All these tools are from the Greenworks G-MAX 40V Li-Ion system that is well respected all over the world. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues since all these bits and pieces that are offered are made by Greenworks themselves.

Though there are several such battery-operated chainsaws in the market for you to choose from, this product really stands out from its rivals.

  • Brushless motor – up to 30% more torque
  • Low kickback – a lot safer

Oregon CS1500

Oregon CS1500

To understand how nice of a machine this is, you need to know a little about Oregon – they are makers of quality products that are used in the forestry, horticulture and agriculture sectors. Their products are so quality-driven, it is hard to come upon an Oregon product that does not make its user happy! That is the motto of the company – they claim that they do not want to talk about their products; instead, they rather talk about their customers who become their loyal brand ambassadors.

So now, let’s talk about the Oregon CS1500 Self-sharpening chainsaw. One of the coolest features about this product is the PowerSharp feature, which does not require you to look for any sharpening mechanism. There are many chainsaw suppliers in the market today who claim this feature, but it is important to know the ability of this machine before you buy it.

This machine has a motor that is very high powered. It is a 15-amp motor that is good for fast cutting and since it has a 45-cm kickback guide bar and chain – the danger of kickbacks is reduced to a great extent. This allows the sawyer not to be worried about any danger of being hurt while working with this machine.

In addition to the above features, you will be happy to know that this machine does not require any additional tools if you are trying to tighten the whole thing or in some way alter the torque that is already there. Sometimes, you might require a lowered torque, while in some cases, you need a higher level. Either way, you don’t have to look for any accessories to get these changes made. You can do all this by just adjusting the controls that are on the machine itself.

Being one of the best electrical chainsaws available, you will be happy to see that it has a very well-integrated safety system. It has a high-quality chain brake, thereby making it safe to use even by those who are new to the field of sawing. Since there is a two-year consumer warranty and one-year professional warranty, you will feel safer and more comfortable using this machine. It would be a good idea to use this for a couple of days in the presence of a more experienced sawyer – like with all chainsaws. This will ensure that you use the machine properly and not put yourself in harm’s way.

  • Simple design
  • Light-weight
  • Low maintenance



The LCS1240 40-volt cordless chainsaw is probably the ultimate in cutting systems. Its ‘cutting edge’ technology – pun intended – puts you on a totally different level of professionalism, mainly because of the pricing. You will be surprised that you can even get a complete chainsaw system for less than two hundred dollars! Yes, isn’t that unbelievable?

Let’s start with the battery life of this product.

What would happen if you have a battery that does not last for a very long time? Not only would it put a stop to your work; it could also let you down when you least expect such a thing. This does not happen when you are working with one of the best names in the industry – Black and Decker. The makers of this product have included a 40V MAX Lithium Ion battery so that you can have a longer runtime and of course, thereby ensuring a longer problem-free sawing experience. This chainsaw also comes with an automatic oiling system, becomes quite easy for you to maintain the machine.

Another important feature of this chainsaw is the fact that you do not have to have any additional accessories in order to make the changes in chain tension. You don’t need to use any specialized tools to adjust the tension – now, why would this be considered an advantage? Well, the answer is quite simple. If you had to maintain a different set of tools for each of the equipment that you have with you, it would involve a lot of maintenance issues.

One of the big concerns that we see these days is that some sawyers feel that most chainsaws are built for those who are right-handed – well this is fine as long as you are not one. What happens when you are a left-hander? If you go in for this particular product, you will find that it has a full wrap-around handle that can be adjusted to suit different kinds of holding orientations.

Overall, a great product from a great company.

  • Automatic oiling system
  • Perfect for cutting branches and small trees



You must know more about this exceptional bit of machinery if you are serious about the sawing business. If you don’t have the right kind of tools, how are you going to ensure that you are a person to contend with in this chosen profession? So, get to know more about the DeWalt DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Lithium-Ion brushless 16” cordless chainsaw (3.0AH) – you will be really surprised at the power that this sixteen-inch contraption has and how much you can really do with it.

The one thing that really strikes you as soon as you set your eyes on this machine is the sleekness of the whole thing – it is designed in such a way that it occupies little or no space. In other words, the name of the game here is ergonomics – this is the one word that pops up in your mind as soon as you set your eyes on this wonder machine from DeWalt.  Since it has a low kickback 16” Bar and Chain, it is quite easy to manage. You will also be impressed to know that this particular system is manufactured by another giant in the industry – DeWalt.

One problem that often crops up with users of chainsaws is one of lubrication. Now, this can have far-reaching implications. The first problem is that when the lubrication is not enough, the heightened friction can generate a large amount of heat – this can be quite dangerous to the equipment and to the user as well. In this particular machine, there is an auto-oiling facility that ensures that the machine is well lubricated all the time, thereby reducing the chances of over-heating and associated problems.

Apart from the above, this electrical chainsaw has a tool-free tensioning system which allows you to tighten all the knobs. It also makes sure that the user is supported with the proper bar clamping force. This helps the user work on his or her own, without having to depend on an assistant while trying to change the tension or the torque levels. This is very helpful in areas where sawyers are on their own, trying to salvage trees or other wooden structures, especially in times of natural calamities such as fires, floods and house-collapses.

  • Auto-oiling
  • Perfect for construction and anything related to outdoor cutting


Now that you know quite a bit about the different kinds of chainsaws, you should be able to make the right decision, especially if you are going to be using this machine on a regular basis. As a sawyer or as a person who works with electric chainsaws, you need to try out these machines in a safe environment and know everything about your chainsaw, so you are never at danger.

To do this, you need to be fully aware of various terms and processes while using an electric chainsaw: size-up, felling, freeing, limbing, bucking, binds-coping, brushing & slashing. As an experienced sawyer, you are sure to be thorough with these terms. Though these terms are familiar to a person who is dealing with wood, it might be slightly different for a person who uses similar equipment, but on a different kind of material such as stone or concrete. In this case, you would need a bit of training to handle this equipment in safe manner.

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